Radio Ridiculous

a comedy by Rich Orloff

Cast: 3+ M, 1+ W

RADIO RIDICULOUS is a comic homage to the Golden Age of Radio.  Designed to recreate the feel of an evening of old-time radio programs, RADIO RIDICULOUS is a fun theatrical event, with an acting ensemble holding scripts and playing a multitude of roles, and with the possibility of live sound effects and music.

The time is the late 1930’s.
The place is a radio studio.
RADIO RIDICULOUS brings you three great shows:

“Sorry, You’ve Got My Wrong Number”

In this spoof of the classic radio suspense play SORRY, WRONG NUMBER, a “hopeless invalid” alone in her apartment faces nitpicking phone operators, an unsympathetic detective and two murderous thugs, resulting in the severe demolition of stereotypes.  (about 25 min.)

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Flemner’s Fine Foods presents

Inspired by the classic comedy teams of vaudeville and radio, the crazy duo of Willy and Wally Wacko wreak havoc on doctors, the upper crust, and everything they touch.  Sponsored by Flemner’s Fine Foods, whose motto is “Once you’ve tasted Flemner’s, you can’t taste anything else!” (about 25 min.)

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“A Tale of Two Miserables”

In the style of radio anthology hours, this parody of both A TALE OF TWO CITIES and LES MISERABLES tells the tale of a French prisoner convicted of stealing pumpernickel, who escapes and reinvents himself, only to find himself in the middle of the French Revolution and needing the help of a brilliant but misanthropic British lawyer.  (about 50 min.)

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RADIO RIDICULOUS had well-received workshops at WorkShop Theater Company in New York City, Island City Players in Bradenton FL, and Seaside Rep in Seaside FL, often with live sound effects (everything from a creaky door and a galloping horse to a sword fight and a guillotine) and live musical accompaniment (performed on an electric piano set to sound like an organ).  The show, suitable for audiences of all ages, has over 60 roles but is designed to be performed by an ensemble of 3 (or more) men and 1 (or more) women.