Nothing Serious

ten acclaimed short comedies
by Rich Orloff

“genuine fun that can’t help being contagious”
      – Honolulu Advertiser

“A lot of laughs. Orloff’s skits are quick, clever, funny and touching.”
      – Rochester Post-Bulletin (Rochester, MN)

NOTHING SERIOUS, published by Playscripts, is a collection of ten of Rich Orloff’s most popular and acclaimed short comedies.  From Antarctica and Disneyland to the Garden of Eden and inside the womb, Rich Orloff creates theatrical worlds that are both imaginative and hilarious.

The plays include:

PLAYWRITING 101: THE ROOFTOP LESSON – An instructor lecturing on the craft of playwriting loses control when fictional characters rebel.  Winner of the 2002 Five and Dime Playwriting Contest and chosen Best of the 2002 Delaware Short Play Festival. Back Stage called it “short but hilarious.”  The play has been published in the anthologies, Take Ten II (Random House) and The Bedford Introduction to Literature. (3 either)

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BRIDE AND GLOOM (from ROMANTIC FOOLS) – A nervous bride’s fear of divorce prevents her from getting married.  When produced at Shadowbox Cabaret in Ohio, Columbus Suburban News called it “a funny piece about pre-wedding jitters.” (1 m, 1 w)

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BLADDER CONTROL – A trainee blunders at a meeting when she’s asked to contribute, and she actually does. (3 m, 2 w)

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CAN THIS MARRIAGE BE SAVED? (from OY!) – Such a trial! The Human Being wants a divorce from God and takes him to court. (1 m, 2 w, 1 either)

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EVE AND ADAM: THE UNTOLD STORY (from OY!) – God is a woman, and Eve is made first, in this rib-tickling comedy.  When produced at Summer Shorts in Florida, the Miami Herald called it “riotous”. (1 m, 2 w, 1 narrator)

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LAST-MINUTE ADJUSTMENTS (from OY!) – Moments before birth, a child has second-thoughts about leaving the womb.  But the team getting her ready won’t be stopped! When produced at Shadowbox Cabaret in Ohio, the Columbus Dispatch called it “a nifty short comedy.”  Published in The Best Ten-Minute Plays 2011. (5 either)

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MATTERHORN (from COUPLES) – A couple stuck in a long line at Disneyland devise a novel solution to their marital woes.  Winner, 2005 Palm Springs National Short Play Festival’s Audience Favorite. (1 m, 1 w)

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NICE TIE (from ROMANTIC FOOLS) – A woman and man envision totally different consequences if she lets him buy her a drink. (1 m, 1 w)

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OFF THE MAP (from FOREIGN AFFAIRS) – In a very cold place, a penguin helps a lost couple find direction.  When produced at Shadowbox Cabaret in Ohio, the Columbus Dispatch called it a “clever comedy (with) consistently funny dialogue.” Published in The Best Ten-Minute Plays 2010. (2 m, 1 w)

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OH MY GOD, IT’S ANOTHER PLAY! – Dessert for a night of short plays: Complete nonsense about life in the theater, designed for a cast which can vary in size. (7 or more, either)

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NOTHING SERIOUS is published and licensed by Playscripts, Inc.  To read lengthier excerpts, order books, or obtain performance rights, visit Rich’s page at

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“Unusually sharp and intelligent, a lot of laughs.”
      – Oakland Tribune

“The evening’s funniest offering.  Witty dialogue replete with theatrical jargon.”
      – Albuquerque Journal  

      – Central New Mexico Chronicle

production history

Barrington Theatre, Barrington RI
Class Six Theatre, Phoenix
Epiphany Theatre Company, St. John, VIRGIN ISLANDS
Playhouse Merced, Merced CA
Stage East, Maine
Theatre Du Jour, Rochester MN
Theatre@First, Boston
and community theaters, colleges and high schools around the world.