“Orloff’s writing is sharp.”

Welcome to my website!  My writing takes various forms, ranging from comedic plays to spiritually-infused poems.  My goal is always to connect with the reader and the audience.  I love to engage people and take them on a ride through the human experience.

My poems are read by over 2000 people each week, and they’ve appeared in numerous journals, including The Poet and Jewish Writers Project.  One of my favorite responses is when someone says my poems are “accessible”.

Although my plays vary from comic explorations of such topics as disability (FUNNY AS A CRUTCH) and lust among the older crowd (ADVANCED CHEMISTRY) to documentary-style plays such as DAYS OF POSSIBILITIES (about student activism in the 1960s), they all feature my own unique blend of irreverence and compassion.

Many of my plays and musicals are designed just to give audiences a fun time.  I think “fun” is one of the best experiences life offers.

The New York Times has called my comedies “rip-roaringly funny” and “wildly imaginative”.  My dramatic plays have been called “theater with a brain and theater with a heart” (Los Angeles Times) and “touching and truthful (DramaLogue).

My website features descriptions and excerpts of all of my plays – and over a hundred of my poems.  Enjoy the ride!

Now on YouTube:
a new musical comedy
book, music and lyrics by Rich Orloff
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my one-person play about
underground psychedelic therapy
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a theater piece in 5 movements
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Some quotes about my plays:

The New York Times on BIG BOYS:
“Rip-roaringly funny.  With its snappy dialogue and non-stop mayhem, BIG BOYS proves a winner.”

Colorado Daily Sentinel on DAYS OF POSSIBILITIES:
“A thoughtful, impassioned look at one of the most divisive eras in American history.”

“An exaggerated comedy that gave us an evening of good belly laughs.  There are so many funny lines that you miss some that follow because of your laughter.”

nytheatre.com on FOREIGN AFFAIRS:
“Funny lines, playful gags, and a few surprises.  Orloff keeps his audience thoroughly amused.”

The New York Times on FUNNY AS A CRUTCH:
“Many, many pleasures!  Rich Orloff’s witty, unpredictable script fends off pity and preachiness with a daffy sense of humor.”

The Charlotte Observer on LOVE HAPPENS:
“A comedy with a little more meat on its bones.  Orloff has written a fresh, often delightful, and surprisingly thoughtful comedy about the difficulties of romance.”

The New York Times on OY!:
“High enjoyable.  From some of these sketches you could kvell.”

Fort Myers Beach Observer on ROMANTIC FOOLS:  “Rich Orloff’s script abounds with side-splitting humor that had Thursday’s audience literally convulsing with laughter.”

The Times Herald-Record on SHEDDING LIGHT:
“A provocative play, masterfully done and worth seeing.  A remarkable tête-à-tête.”

“Orloff fills this comedic gem with line after line of savory humor.  Orloff’s terrific dialogue is buttressed by conceptual daring.”

The Tampa Tribune on VERONICA’S POSITION:
“A well-constructed romantic comedy.  Polished banter – with an edge. Articulate, fast-paced, and funnier than reality.”