In Person

As much as I enjoy my time writing, I also love opportunities to connect in person and share what I know.  I’ve given talks and playwriting workshops at colleges and universities, and I’ve given poetry readings at synagogues and beyond, sharing not only my poems but also the spiritual journey that inspired them.

“Rich spoke of his journey and shared some of his poetry with our congregation.  In the vast desert of spiritual vacuity in this country, he is a genuine oasis.”

Rabbi Cary Kozberg
Temple Sholom
Springfield, Ohio

My college visits, often (but not always) in connection with productions of my plays, have been deeply satisfying experiences both for me and – I’m glad to report – for students.

“I’m delighted to recommend bringing Rich Orloff to your campus.  Rich is bright, articulate, humorous and personable, and his expertise is unquestionable.  You’ll certainly be rewarded if you decide to have him.”

Arnie Johnston
Professor of English
Western Michigan University
Co-editor, The Art of the One-Act

I tailor each visit to the needs of those I’m visiting.  At Western Michigan University, I attended a directing class to give feedback to students who directed my short plays and to discuss the director-playwright relationship.  I’ve talked about my creative process, the balance of inspiration and discipline in the process of writing, how I approach developing and marketing a play, how extensive some of my revisions have been, and the role serendipity has played in my achievements.

“Rich’s visit to our production in connection with his hilarious play DOMESTIC TRANQUILITY was fantastic!  He is extremely knowledgeable of theatre and intelligent, yet very down to earth.  His workshops and talkback sessions were a great experience for students and audience members.”

Eric Yazell
Chair, Department of Performing Arts
State Fair College, Missouri

For some students I’m the first professional playwright they’ve met.  I take this privilege seriously, and I also want to convey how rewarding and fun a life in the theater can be.

“When we produced VIETNAM 101: THE WAR ON CAMPUS, Rich came and offered two immensely popular and well-attended workshops.  In fact, the students still talk about his visit and ask when he will be back!”

Michael Smith
Associate Professor and Artistic Director, Theatre Arts Department
Central Washington University

If you’re interested in having me visit in person, email me at