Someone's Knocking

an odd little comedy
by Rich Orloff

Cast: 2+ W, 3+ M, 1+ either

“Absurdly clever. Orloff fills this comedic gem with line after line of savory humor. Orloff’s terrific dialogue is buttressed by conceptual daring.”
– Back Stage West

“A wacky, charming and terribly funny spoof of just about everything. Quite simply a delight.”
– The Vermont Times-Argus

SOMEONE’S KNOCKING focuses on a married woman afraid of “out there”, whose marriage and life change radically when Opportunity knocks on her door – literally. (Imagine A DOLL’S HOUSE as rewritten by Ionesco and Monty Python.) The play is designed for a cast of six or more, some playing multiple roles, and is usually produced on a very simple set.


  • Critic’s Pick – Back Stage West

more critical praise

“Weirdly uproarious. Rich Orloff provides ample broad humor and occasional glimpses of brilliance. Orloff can produce strings of gleefully zany non sequiturs and inventive characters.”
– Vermont Times

“Great fun. How can it miss with its overload of funny one-liners, cleverly presented views of contemporary life and general silliness?”
– Arizona Republic

“Satisfyingly zany. Playwright Rich Orloff has a bizarre way of making sorrow funny and abstractions concrete. SOMEONE’S KNOCKING is wild.”
– Seattle Post-Intelligencer

SOMEONE’S KNOCKING is everything you want comedic theatre to be: clever, ingenious, and gut-busting funny.”

“A witty little comedy. Orloff’s script is a quirky mix of 1950’s sitcoms, Monty Python, the absurdist playwrights’ vision of marriage, and an impromptu comedy-club sketch.”
– Eastside Journal

“A surreal comedy for a modern age. Written with sly humor, Orloff layers lively, well-drawn characters and very funny circumstances to make SOMEONE’S KNOCKING a charming gem of a show.”
– Queen Anne/Magnolia News

production history

Saint Michael’s Playhouse, Vermont (premiere)
Alleyway Theatre, Buffalo
BareBones Theatre, Charlotte NC
Bathhouse Theatre, Seattle
In Mixed Company, Phoenix
Silver Lining Productions, Chicago
West Coast Ensemble, Los Angeles
State College of Florida, Bradenton FL
St. Anne’s – Belfield High School, Charlottesville VA

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